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No Visuals. No Music. No Distractions.

For some people youtube video are a great way to develop a home practice- there are some great online teachers out there! But for those of us already familiar with the basic asanas, videos can often be distracting.

These audio guides are therefore designed to bridge the gap between practicing with a video and practicing alone. Close your eyes, feel into your body and let me take care of structure and time!

If you have any feedback or would like to request a special themed class please get in touch via the contact page.


And of course if you would like to make a donation, feel free!


Hatha Yoga

Refresh! – Open Level

A practice that gets us moving and energised after a lockdown winter!

Advanced Hatha – Effortlessness

An advanced class which encourages us to find a sense of effortlessness.

Yoga for a Grey Day – Open Level

A slow and cozy practice for days when motivation is low.

 Digital Detox – Open Level

A short and silly practice to detox from a day at the computer.

Guided Savasana

A guided relaxation to practice at the end of a yoga session or as a way to deeply rest.

Play-Open Level

A playful little practice to get us exploring our bodies in a spirit of light-heartedness.

Transitions- Open Level

A complete yoga practice to help us build energy and open up for spring.


Gentle – Open Level

A short and very gentle practice-perfect for getting back into yoga after a long break or injury.



Quick Chill Out

A quick and easy meditation practice to help you come down from the busy day.

I am not these thoughts

A short practice to help turn away from the ego towards peace.

Something Golden

A guided visualisation to help turn inwards towards meditation.

Breathing Meditation

A simple but powerful practice in which we allow the breath to guide us deeper into ourselves.

Bespoke Self-Practice Guides

The corona crisis has created many changes, one of the more positive of which is the amount of people now developing a regular yoga practice at home.  Having a self-practice is the core of any yoga journey.

However many questions can arise on this journey which are not easy to answer alone. These can range from the technical to the philosophical. You might be unsure how to incorporate meditation into your practice, or you might want tips on how to safely try headstand.

Which is why I am now offering bespoke Self-Practice Guides for those who want to take things deeper.

How does it work?

1 – The process begins with a zoom chat lasting about 1 hour.

2 - Based on this I put together a Self-Practice plan designed around your needs.

3 - This includes suggested practice structure, tips and new things to try.

4 - You will receive this document via email and we can remain in touch if you have further questions etc.

The whole thing takes about a week to put together and I therefore ask for a donation via paypal or bank transfer. The amount is entirely up to you!