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DEEP Winter Retreat

19-21 January 2024

The days are short and dark. Life has diseapeared below the surface. A quiet heart beats inside a huddled body.  Somwhere in the bleak lands of North Brandenburg a small group of people have gathered to share warmth and community. With their eyes closed and blankets around their shoulders, they sit by the fire and breath. They use the beautiful quiet of deep winter to connect to their own inner stillness. They find joy in the simplicty of being.


Date:  19-21 Januar 2024


Location: We are excited to welcome you to our home, the tiny village of Altthymen nestled in the wild north of Brandenburg. Accomodation is in Haus Altthymen a beautiful old villa with big spacious light rooms. Our yoga space is the community hall with views across the fields. Of course you will also be welcome to spend time in our home and in our gardens.


Approach: The yoga is Yin-inspired Hatha yoga. In accordance with the time of year our yoga sessions are about inner awareness, slow deep stretches and meditative movement. Participants are encouraged to wear blindfolds or practice with closed eyes.


Daily meditation practice and yoga nidra help you settle into stillness and simplicity.


The breathing session lasts approximately one hour during which participants are encouraged to breath deeply and freely as a specially designed music set guides them deep into their inner reality. This is a profound and often enlightening experience.




Our programm is simple with plenty of time for rest and quiet time with a book or walks in nature.


Friday 19th:

  • We ask you to be here by 16:00
  • Yoga and Welcome Circle
  • Dinner
  • Sivasana Sounds (guided relaxation with live hang drum)
  • Fire and Chai


Saturday 20th:

  • Morning Meditation
  • 1x Yoga
  • Optional tree planting
  • DEEP Breathwork
  • 3 x meals


Sunday 21st:

  • Morning Meditation
  • 1 x Yoga
  • Closing round and walk
  • 2 x meals
  • Depature from 15:00


Food: All meals are provided and loving cooked by Andri. We are Ayurvedic inspired and vegan. If your lucky Nickie will also bake you some cakes!


Size & Cost:

  • 5x full-paying places (310-440 euros donation based)
  • 1x low-income places (200 euros)




  • Ana is a Sivananda trained yoga teacher with specialisation in trauma sensitive yoga and breath therapy.
  • Andri is a breath therapist, systemic councillor and musician.
  • Nickie: Nickie is an experienced retreat facilator but is attending this retreat at grandmother to Anu (babysitting duty).
  • Anu: a joyful toddler who will be offering his usual blend of humour, chaos and good vibes.



Booking: Please contact me at to reserve a spot and to pay a deposit of 50 Euros.