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Yoga is Back!

Corona Notice: The safety of all is paramount. Therefore a maximum of 8 places are offered for each class.  In order to attend you will need to book in advance to reserve a spot. Please do so via fitogram by clicking on this link: :


I ask you also to please carefully read and follow these instructions before attending:

  • Please provide proof of a recent negative corona test of full immunisation
  • Please bring your own yoga mat/meditation mat plus blankets and cushions if needed
  • Please come dressed in your yoga gear/comfortable clothes (we no longer have a changing room)
  • Please bring your own water/tee
  • Please maintain your distance to other students and wear a face mask on entering and leaving the building
  • Please use the disinfectant provided



Note on price: Due to the low number of attendees I am asking for you to please pay between between 10-15 euros/class.  If this is unaffordable for you please take a look at the self practice home guides or give me an email and we can talk about an “energy exchange” deal!

18.30-20.00 Yoga for the Back

Yoga Explore

This is an open level class suitable for anyone and everyone!

The class is based around the six basic movement types present in a Hatha Yoga session: backbends, forward folds, twists, inversions, side angle stretches and balancing postures. Students are however encouraged to find their own variations and ways to explore the postures.

Deep Yoga

This is a class for more experienced Yoga students who want to take their practice a deeper, training peace of mind and physical strength. You don’t have to be an advanced practitioner of the asanas (no need to be able to put your legs behind your head!) but you should be familiar with some basic pranayama exercises and the sun salutation, as these will not be explained in depth. You should also be willing to practice with deep focus and self-care.

This class is an opportunity for all of us to research deeper into our own bodies and minds, thematising subjects such as love, surrender and strength. I will be your guide, holding the space, leading relaxations and suggesting exercises but there will also be room to enjoy silence and your own self-led practice.


Take a break. Take a breath. Step out of the busy week, close your eyes and tune in.

1 hour dedicated to your own inner reality. Without distraction. Without expectation.

You don’t have to have a regular meditation practice to join us, everyone is welcome. This is a safe space for gently training inner stillness, encouraging the mind to slow down and saying hello to your true nature.

Different simple meditation tools will be offered, from guided relaxations to simple mantras. At the beginning of each session we will take some time to stretch and release the body before finding comfortable stillness in a seated position. Cushions, blankets, chairs and other props are all available.

Breathing exercises, guided techniques and silence will follow.

We accept USC plus a small cash donation