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All classes can be booked via fitogram:


Prices: All classes in the Fincan cost between 10-14 Euros based on income. 10er cards are also available. For full details please see the Fincan website: Kurse und Workshops | Fincan Neukölln


The Fincan:

Altenbrakerstrasse 26

12051 Berlin

(entrance on the corner of Nogatstrasse)

18.30-20.00 Yoga for the Back (2)

Yoga Explore

This is an open level class suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to explore their limits and deeper their practice!

The class is based around the six basic movement types present in a Hatha Yoga session: backbends, forward folds, twists, inversions, side angle stretches and balancing postures. Students are however encouraged to find their own variations and ways to explore the postures.

Dark Yoga


This class is suitable for anyone who is willing to take on the challenge of slowing down and going deep. It is also suitable for those suffering from tight muscles, emotional tension or restless sleep.


In this very special class we practice yoga by candle light and students are encouraged to close their eyes as much as possible (blind folds available for those who want them).

Stretches are long and deep using blankets and cushions for support.

Each sessions ends with an extended guided relaxation and yoga nidra.


This is not power yoga but it is powerful!



DEEP Breath- Work

This class happens aproximatly once a month. Please check out the Fincan website for the full schedule:


DEEP Breathing is a form of conscious breath work practiced laying down in a comfortable safe environment with two qualified breath work therapists. The breathing session lasts approximately one hour during which participants are encouraged to breathe deeply and freely as a specially designed music set guides them deep into their inner reality. This is a profound and often enlightening experience. The whole process of arriving, breathing, returning and sharing takes about 2.5 hours.

We ask all participants to bring with them:

  • A comfortable yoga mat or camping mat if you have one
  • Warm, soft clothing (thick socks!)
  • A openness to experience emotions and unusual physical sensations


Please do not come if:

  • You are suffering an acute mental health crisis
  • Have a history of reality disorder
  • Have consumed mind altering substances in the last week
  • Are physically unwell with a cold or other infectious illness


Price: 20-35 Euros (Donation based, available in combination with USC)

Deep Yoga

This is a class is currently on hold untill a suitable venue can be found.


A class for more experienced Yoga students who want to take their practice a deeper, training peace of mind and physical strength. You don’t have to be an advanced practitioner of the asanas (no need to be able to put your legs behind your head!) but you should be familiar with some basic pranayama exercises and the sun salutation, as these will not be explained in depth. You should also be willing to practice with deep focus and self-care.

This class is an opportunity for all of us to research deeper into our own bodies and minds, thematising subjects such as love, surrender and strength. I will be your guide, holding the space, leading relaxations and suggesting exercises but there will also be room to enjoy silence and your own self-led practice.

We accept USC plus a small cash donation