Inclusive Policy
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Inclusive Policy

People attending yoga classes come with many diverse needs which is why it is important for all students to feel empowered to do as much or as little as feels right for them. It is not always easy in a group setting to listen to yourself rather than following the perceived expectations of the class. However, this is something we must all learn to do. The guidance from me is a suggestion not an obligation!


Students with injuries are always welcome to join my classes. We aim to build strength, flexibility and deepen our sense of trust in the body. When there is pain the body can feel like an enemy.

A subtle yoga practice can help rebuild a loving relationship to our physical self. What I cannot offer however is expert advice about your specific injury. If you are unsure about practicing yoga please talk to a medical professional first.


None of my classes are designed with pregnancy in mind. However, you are very welcome to join at any stage of your pregnancy. The emphasis is always on tuning into your own needs so you can instinctively find what feels safe, appropriate and enjoyable for you and your baby.

It is also good to equip yourself with the basic rules about practicing yoga during pregnancy. These information sheets give you the essentials:

– Information sheets will follow soon –

Please also inform me before the class about your pregnancy and I can offer specific adaptations as we go along.


Yoga is an amazing tool for regaining a sense of safety and pleasure in your body. We learn to relax, breathe easy and release tension. We also confront our limits and learn to handle discomfort.

However, for many students suffering with anxiety group yoga practice can be challenging. Some students find certain breathing exercises triggering. Others may feel agitated when encouraged to focus on emotional sensations in the body.  For others closing the eyes can feel uncomfortable.

All these things are normal and completely acceptable. There is never the obligation to do something that feels scary. If there is something you think would help you feel safe please let me know before the class. I cannot eliminate all triggers but I can offer alternative breathing exercises etc.

Physical Touch & Consent Cards

Because I do not consider there to be a correct and incorrect way to be in each posture I offer very few corrections. However sometimes small physical assist can help deepen the stretch or aid in finding more comfortable, safe alignment.

Of course, not everyone wants to be touched during their yoga practice. Which is why I use the consent card system in all my classes.  These are laminated cards with the words YES and NO THANK YOU written on them.

I ask all students to lay the card at the front of their mat so that I know if the student DOES or DOES NOT want physical assistance during the class. I will never physically interact with anyone who does not want it. The student is 100% in control of their bodily choices during the class and can change their mind at any time without explanation or judgment.